Nowadays, with the various alternatives of loans and financial institutions online, there is the doubt: is a guarantor necessary to acquire the personal loan? The answer is no!

A guarantor is the person who agrees to be responsible for paying or discharging the installments of a loan made by someone else. It is often asked by the companies that release the credit as a guarantee that the debt will be paid.

There are some ways to get personal credit without the need to offer the lender, such as: moneylenders, banks or financial institutions, or even another person, as joint debtor that would serve in case of problems with the payments of the plots.

If you do not have name restrictions, move your bank account regularly and have a good credit history, you can apply for a loan without a guarantor.

The contract may contain a promissory note and also the statement that you authorize the bank any kind of service, so be cautious before signing.

What are the advantages of unsecured loan?

What are the advantages of unsecured loan?


Using a loan with guarantor has its advantages mainly in facilitating the process for lenders. However, the guarantor must know all the pros and cons before closing the deal.

Try not to involve third parties in your personal debts, this is not only uncomfortable, but it is also risky in the event of an unforeseen event.

What is the value of the loan without a guarantor?



There is no exact figure when it comes to a personal loan, this is because each consumer will go through a credit analysis.

Through your score and fulfillment of past loan payments, the institution can evaluate and approve your request. It is an important factor when considering whether you can afford the plots.

What care do I need before applying for the loan?

What care do I need before applying for the loan?


Caution is needed to avoid problems, especially when talking about borrowing. With that in mind, we separate the major care you need to have when hiring yours. Check out:

Conduct surveys

The first step is to research, this is essential so you do not close deals with fraudulent companies. It is very important to seek credible companies authorized by the Central Bank.

Keep the documentation current

To carry out the loan, the institution will request some documents, such as RG, the CPF, and proof of residence. Some may also request personal contact information for cadastral confirmation. Think ahead of time who can fulfill this role.

Analyze and Compare Institutions

 Analyze and Compare Institutions

Before proceeding to the next step, it is important to analyze the interest rates offered by each company. There are differences between them and this information can make all the difference when choosing the institution.

In addition to fees, other information should be analyzed, such as CET (Total Effective Cost), installment values, start-up, and repayment terms, among others.

Beware of blows

Unfortunately, this market has several accounts of scams. That is why we need to pay close attention. There are companies that act in bad faith and ask for deposit advances and extra fees.

Never pay anything upfront and check all the requirements for the loan before hiring. Read the contract carefully to avoid any surprises.

Does it take longer to get credit without a guarantor?

credit without guarantor


This factor depends more on the financial institution you have chosen and if your documentation is up to date than just consider whether you have a guarantor. In the fastest cases, such as online loans, you can get the same day release.

Do not be attached to having a guarantor to get credit in the square, nowadays there are many alternatives for loans that no longer require this obligation.

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